A couple of weeks ago I was embracing the warm weather of the Middle East. I was running by the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. I also was exploring Jerusalem and reinforcing my faith with God. What a magical place, I still have the flavor of the delicious hummus.

I’m an artistic soul which is why I did plays and musicals in South America. Ask me to sing and I will enchant you with my melodic voice. Back in my childhood I saw wonderful places starting from Machu Picchu in Peru to a tango dance in Palermo, Buenos Aires, to a horse ride in Medellin, Colombia. Later on my passion for traveling took me to visit exotic beaches in the Caribbean and the Gold Coast Australia. Through looking at the ocean I find peace, the colorful water brings out my inner goddess.

After that I decided to travel to encounter different people and to understand humanity. I have visited over 40 countries and I learned this: We are just different because we believe in different ideas but after all those are only ideas. What is important in life ? I think compassion for ourselves and others. So I thought deeply how to help others and I became a fitness instructor and a model of it, because I believe that a heathy mind equals a healthy body.

My hobbies are to enjoy outdoors workouts and hiking in places like Santa Monica and Saint Tropez. Why this two choices? Since I have had the pleasure of living in Europe near the Mediterranean Sea, I feel as if my heart is still there in charming Provence. I have always appreciated nature and educated myself about history, music and food. I’d love to share my experiences with you.

Venus xoxo


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